Information Technology Products

State Term Schedules & Master Maintenance Agreement

A minority-owned business enterprise, Sophisticated Systems has earned a proven reputation selling to the state of Ohio and the public sector including state and local agencies, colleges, universities and K-12 school districts. Our success in providing hardware and software products is largely attributed to our value-add service, making the entire transaction from initial order to post-sale follow up an effortless experience for our customers.

Sophisticated Systems is an authorized reseller on the following hardware manufacturer STS and MMA:

State Term Schedules

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  • 533114-1 CDW-G
  • 533110-3 Cisco
  • 534109 Dell
  • 534278 Dell – NEW Standard Bundles for PCs & Notebooks, Accessories & Upgrades
  • 533268-2 Hewlett-Packard 
  • 534275 Hewlett-Packard – NEW Standard Bundles for PCs, Notebooks and Servers, Accessories & Upgrades
  • 533287-3 Lexmark
  • 534098 Promark
  • 533457-3 Unisys – Unisys and EMC Products
  • 533940-1 Sophisticated Systems – IT Consulting Services and Resources


Ohio Master Maintenance Agreement

  • MMA7305
    Sophisticated Systems – This contract can be used to purchase a variety of packaged manufacturer maintenance contracts for hardware and software that are not found on other state term contracts

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