Information Technology Managed Services

Information Technology Managed Services delivers a sophisticated and focused set of solutions, such as desktop/server virtualization, cloud computing, system upgrades, monitoring and maintenance, disaster recovery and network infrastructure support. Sophisticated Systems makes it possible for you to focus on your core business by providing extensive technology assessment, planning, design, implementation and support with minimal disruption to daily operations. Our main goal in all we do is to help our client’s increase IT service levels to their constituents and control IT costs, while removing the hassle of technology from their shoulders.

Sophisticated Systems’ client base is diverse and growing at a steady rate, due in part to our team learning your business and processes while removing the burden of technology challenges. Our certified and highly experienced team of technology professionals, coupled with our strategic alliances with industry leaders, allows us to deliver innovative, scalable, state-of-the-art Information and technology solutions. With a very stable and mature team, we focus on taking care of people without sacrificing product, quality or price.

The technology marketplace is booming, making Information and technology Managed Services Sophisticated Systems’ fasting growing line of business.